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Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

at that time

The time when you said "do as you want. Done"
I don't know what is "done" means here..
I think maybe done between you and i.
We were done it since some months before, weren't we?
I can't figure everything what i feel now
You've done.
I see..
This is your step for make me "don't love you" anymore..
I was ever told you, if you do that. It will more hurt me.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for accompany me to watched creek yesterday.
Thanks for the time you spent with me.
Thanks for always accompany my days, although it just by message.
Thanks for always busted my mood.
Thanks for always understood me.

We still have good conversation 2 hours ago.
But then it was changed.
you changed it become a nightmare.
Something that i've never though before..
that was happen..
And i don't know. It happened without any reason..
You didn't want me to know.
Sleep tight boy..

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