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Minggu, 12 Juni 2011


It was 7months old..
You and i..
That's our relation..
In 7 months, i have done many many mistake..
Although, i've tried to never hurt you..
But, uncontrolly i did it..
That's we called human..
I've tried to understand you, never make you sad, and try to never make any mistake to you..
I really love you..
Forgive me, if you thought i've done to many mistake or have hurt your heart for many times..
I was never mind to do something like that to you..
Maybe the other girls will never hurt you like i did..
I'm too stupid was make something wrong to you..
That's not your fault if your love to me was decreased..
Cause i know, a little mistake i've done will give many respond to you..
That's my consequence of done mistake..
I've thought it know..
I thought, maybe the reason of you was decreased your love was by my self..
You'll never do that if never do any mistake to you..
The only thing i can hope, you can find the better one..
Someone who will never hurt you..
Someone who can understand you more..
Someone who really love you..
Someone who can make you always smile..

You can leave me anytime you want, cause i know it's all because of what i've done..
Thanks for always understand me..
I'm still loving you :)

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