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just the way, where i can put all of my sadness and my happiness.. try to read it if you have more time.. thanks ;)

Selasa, 17 Mei 2011


you’re the man what i’m waiting for..

i usually wait for your message..

i have tried to be better than before..

i have tried to understand you..

i usually searching for you, when we were losing contact..

i have tried to forget about my prestige..

i have tried to text you first..

i have tried to stop share all about us to the other who don’t have any matter..

i have tried to be your mood buster although not always maybe rarely..

i have tried to never hurt you..

i have tried to keep your heart..

i have tried many things for you. but i’m so sorry. when i can’t do it as well as you thought. sorry for ever make you disappointed with what i’ve done. sorry for any mistakes i have done for you..

thanks for forgive any mistakes i have done to you..

thanks for always understand what i mean..

thanks for your attention for me..

thanks for everything have you given to me..

and the last, thanks for much of love have you given to me :)


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