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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

missing you

that was so complicated..

when you going to miss someone, and then the topic of conversation will be end..

you should choose..

1. continue the conversation when he try to reply yours too short. maybe like "oh" "hmm", something like that

2. end the conversation. you don't reply their message cause you worried to disturb them.(in your mind, they're badmood)

then i chose the second one..

but see, until now i can't keep my conversation with him. he didn't text me, or say hi first? maybe he won't :)

i just wanna try to do it first, but maybe it will disturb you..

complicated time..

i miss you, but i can't contact you. i'm just your friend. same as the other. i haven't the right to know more about you..

i just can wait.. wait a good thing will happen :)

i always wish everything the best for you, cause i'm still loving you :')

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