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Rabu, 27 April 2011

your negative mind

heyy, what are you talking about ?
do you think i have the other one?
do you never think how much i love you?
do you never care, how many times i have looked at my phone just waiting for the baby blue LED which is a sign that you have text me ?
do you never think, how long i had been in front of my laptop just waiting for you to online on ym?
have you imagine about that ?
how can you know, that i have the other one?
facebook ? do you never think that i chose "it's complicated" on my relationship that's about our relationship ?
i know, i have no relationship anymore with you. i'm just your classmate or your ex. but you said that you still loving me and so do i. but we can't have a relationship because of my parents. that's why i chose "it's complicated" to my account. bcause i thought that we're in a complicated condition although we were not in a relationship.
i have ever told you, to have a man like you not as easy as you thought. i've passed many things with you. i never chose you because you were the best guy from the other, but i chose you because my heart said that i loved you just the way you are.
do you never believed with me?
i have trusted you for a long time, maybe hmm for 8 months.
until now, i still trust everything you said. whatever people said to me about you. i tried to trust you. because i wanted you to trust me too. how can i trust the other, if i was put full of my trust on you?
i'm still believe that you still loving me until now.
i really disappointed if you thought like that.
you ever told me to never think negative. see now?
you do the same thing like what i have ever done.
you never know, how much i try to never stop my conversation with you.
you never know, how many times i try to put my eyes on you. although i don't know where are you. but see..
this afternoon i was really happy. i met you. unexpected thing for today.
you can asked my friend, that i was trying to look around the school just want to know where are you.
maybe you never read my blog.
someday, you will know all about it.
thanks for ever being mine. i'm really miss that time. when we were together.
that's so memorable.
finally, i want to say that i'm still loving you :')
i really hope that you can change your mind, and understand at all :)

that's all i wanna share blog. i have to off byee

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